Neely’s Bend Clubs 


Knitting Us Together Club – Ms. Likins-grades 2-4 -1 day synchronous/1 day asynchronous –Mon/Thurs from 3:30-4:30 - open to District   

Join Ms. Likins for knitting club.  We’ll use TEAMS and Flipgrid for up-close teaching of “how to knit” and “how to finger crochet”.  Materials needed: yarn, crochet hook, knitting needles 


Arts & Crafts Club – Ms. Likins -grades k-4-  1 day synchronous/1day asynchronous - Tuesday & Wednesdays -3:30-4:30 - open to District  

Join Ms. Likins for a book and a craft.  Tuesdays you’ll work on your own and on Wednesdays we’ll meet for more fun on TEAMS. We’ll use Flipgrid to share our creations. Materials needed:  pencil, paper, scissors, glue, yarn, sticks, empty water bottles pennies, tin foil...who knows-anything goes 


Virtual FieldTrip Clubs –Ms. Likins -grades k-4 – 1 Asynchronous -Mondays – 4:30-5:30 - open to District  

Lets go on a virtual field trip. Join this club and see where it takes you. Fieldtrips will include zoos, museums and parks across the United States and some global trips. Materials needed: pencil to keep track of your trips and share your voice 


Target Areas: SEL, Math, Reading, Fine Motor 

Even during this pandemic, we can have quality time together. This family time will affect your health and performance in schools. Come join the Bullock family cooking hour and laugh as we cook together as a family. The food selections will be healthy choices (most of the time), that you can find in your local grocery store. See you on Tuesdays! 


Game Design Club – Ms. Dernberger -grades 2 – 4 – asynchronous – Tues/Thursday – 3:00-4:00- Neely’s Bend ES only 

If you like Digital Breakouts and puzzles, this club is for you!  This club will work through the process of designing digital Breakout games.  Students will create a catchy story, create smooth game flow and develop clever clues as they develop and publish their own digital breakout for their fellow students to solve.  Students will have group discussions, share their progress, and have weekly Breakout challenges to practice their skills. Materials needed: paper and pencil.  


Photography Club – Ms. Geenfield -grades K-4 – 1 Asynchronous – Mondays – 3:30-4:30 Neely’s Bend ES only 

Do you like to take pictures with your phone or digital camera? Do you want to learn how to use different techniques to take unique pictures? Well, if you do, this club is for you! We are going to start by learning photography basics. Then we will learn how to light and shadow, “the rule of thirds”, and perception to take unique photos that everyone will love. Then we will move in to taking pictures of people, animals, and so much more!  Material needed: phone with camera or digital camera. 


Exercise Club – Ms. McDonald- grades K-4- 2 synchronous –Mondays and Wednesdays - 4:30-5:30 Neely’s Bend Elementary only 

This club would be focused on fine-motor skills and gross-motor skills. The goal for this club is to get students’ bodies moving and active. It would include information on nutrition facts, stretching, warm-ups, simple exercises, cool-downs, and meditating techniques. Students will be able to research an exercise or come up with their own to share with the club. Materials needed: bottle of water 



 MNPS Districtwide Clubs


Partnerships with KidzKeys Piano – K-2nd – Tuesdays ACCESS CODE J3ND-QJ34-P2SM – Tuesdays - Asynchronous 

Soar   into   KidzKeys-Piano   Club   this   semester   and   learn   piano   skills   that   will last   a   lifetime!   The   KidzKeys   online   lessons   provide   students   with   an   opportunity   to explore   and   express   their   own   creativity.   Our   lessons   are   especially   designed   for students   in   K-2nd   grade   and   will   help   your   child   master   reading   music   through   the   use of   colorful   Chromanotes   Notation   and   Kodaly   Rhythms.   Every   lesson   includes   new   and fun   songs   to   learn! Facilitator:   FineArtsMatter  Materials   Needed:    Keyboard   or   Piano    


Partnership with Guitar Club – 2-6th -Tuesdays ACCESS CODE GJDK-VWZM-CQDSP- Tuesdays - Asynchronous 

Turn   up   the   volume   and   rock   out   with   online   guitar   lessons   this   semester! Each   lesson   has   been   specifically   designed   for   beginner   and   intermediate   students, teaching   them   how   to   read   guitar   music   notation   called   TAB, strum   chords, and   pick melodies.   Guitar   Club   will   help   your   child   develop   their   own   musical   ability, self-confidence, and   creativity   as   they   learn   new   and   exciting   songs   each   session! Facilitator:    FineArtsMatter  Materials   Needed:   Guitar  


Partnership with Beat Makes Music Production -2-6th – Tuesdays – ACCESS CODE MSNS-WBG7-HC2P5- Tuesdays - Asynchronous   

 ay   down   some   beats   and   jam   to   your   own   songs   in   Beat   Makers! Students   learn   how   to   compose   and   create   fresh   beats   and   loops   using   virtual instruments   on   Digital   Audio   Workstation   software.   Our   inspiring   and   step-by-step music   technology   lessons   will   encourage   students   on   their   musical   journey!   Students will   create   a   FREE   account   on   to   participate   in   lessons   and   keep   all  of  their   musical   creations! Facilitator:     FineArtsMatter  Materials   Needed:    Computer    


Partnership with Drum Club- 3rd-6th – Tuesdays-ACCESS CODE HXJJ-2JH6-BP62P – Tuesdays - Asynchronous  

Get   ready   to   create   a   groove   and   dazzle   your   audience   with   a   flurry   of  lightning   fast   notes!   With   a   short   list   of   simple   gear, students   in   Drum   Club   will   have   fun learning   the   basics   of   drumming.   Students   will   begin   to   see   all   the   amazing   possibilities that   the   world   of   drums   and   percussion   offers.   This   course   will   teach   students   proper technique   and   hand   patterns   as   well   as   the   secrets   of   speed!    They   will   also   learn   how to   read   musical   notation   making   them   a   complete   musician. Facilitator:  

 FineArtsMatter  Materials   Needed:   Drum   sticks, drum   pad,  5   gallon   bucket Access   Code:  


Turnip Green Club – 3rd-5th Tuesdays – Asynchronous ACCESS CODE  SM62-WG6Q-SGXRN 


Cumberland River Compact CLUB – 5th -8th but 4th may try it out - Tuesdays – Asynchronous ACCESS CODE VJS8-84JM4